Intercultural communication

Developing awareness of intercultural issues and differences and the role they play in dealings with people from other cultures is key to working successfully with colleagues, clients, suppliers and other business contacts in an international context. As an intercultural trainer and lecturer in intercultural communication I help individuals reflect on culturally-appropriate communication and deal with culturally-influenced issues. This can related to how directly or indirectly individuals communicate, their attitudes to time, how much information they need to make decisions or to how a boss or employee is expected to act.


Advanced learners of English

Advanced learners of English need more than general grammar and conversation training to continue to improve their English and to become increasingly fluent. The techniques and materials that helped you as a beginner and intermediate learner no longer help you improve. You are able to say and write what you want and you understand most of what you hear and read, but using English for work still is a challenge. I can help you polish your English and improve your style. We will work together to develop materials and the vocabulary you need for both professional and private contexts

Academics and students looking to publish in English will need training in general and applied academic English and language support during the writing process.

Cáit KinsellaCáit KinsellaI have over 15 years of experience in teaching advanced learners of English and would like to help you to continue to improve your English