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 Intercultural communication

Developing awareness of intercultural issues and differences and the role they play in dealings with people from other cultures is key to working successfully with colleagues, clients, suppliers and other business contacts in an international context. As an intercultural trainer and lecturer in intercultural communication, I help individuals reflect on culturally-appropriate communication and deal with culturally-influenced issues. This can related to how directly or indirectly individuals communicate, their attitudes to time, how much information they need to make decisions or to how a boss or employee is expected to act.


Advanced learners of English

Advanced learners of English need more than general grammar and conversation training to continue to improve their English and to become increasingly fluent. The techniques and materials that helped you as a beginner and intermediate learner no longer help you improve. You are able to say and write what you want and you understand most of what you hear and read, but using English for work still is a challenge. I can help you polish your English and improve your style. We will work together to develop materials and the vocabulary you need for both professional and private contexts

I offer academics looking to publish in English training in general and applied academic English and language support during the writing process.

I have over 16 years of experience in teaching advanced learners of English and helping people connect acros cultures more readily. I would like to help you to continue to improve your English and your intercultural competence.



Teaching, training and academic qualifications


Teaching highlights

... accompanying new exchange students in their first weeks in Germany in my course "Connecting across cultures: Intercultural competence for the workplace" at the University of Cologne (adjunct lecturer; current course in fall term 2016/2017)

...working with my colleagues at eco - Association of the Internet Industry as an in-house English teacher and translator (current position)

... preparing individuals for the transition to living and working in a new country

... working with lecturers and research fellows from the University of Bonn in preparing articles for publication and preparing presentations at conferences

... proofreading coaching with doctoral candidates from various West African countries working on papers on Agricultural Economics to be published as part of a research stay at the ZEF of the University of Bonn

... teaching Intercultural Communication and Business English to business students at the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in Rheinbach
... teaching Academic English among other courses at the Applied Language Center of the University of Hannover for several years

... working with a group at a local bank on understanding English-language loan contracts and Financial English
... joining one of the departments I teach at as embedded language support for three months, now I really know what auditors actually do!
... exploring the field of Legal English with lawyers and legal secretaries and learning a lot myself

... offering a teacher training workshop in the Ukraine for English teachers on how to teach pupils about the European Union
... running a simulation about the European Union in Macedonia for students from all over the Balkans
... holding pub quizzes for the very international participants in the qualification course for peace and conflict consultants at the Academy for Conflict Transformation of the Forum Civil Peace Service in Bonn (where I also worked for a few years)

Random facts

  • I've climbed the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain-  2964 metres above sea level.
  • I look like a stereotypical Irish woman, but only around 10% of Irish people actually have red hair. My son is blonde and blue-eyed, like lots of his Irish (and German) relatives.
  • My Irish is embarassingly rusty- don't ask me to teach you Irish! English is very much my first language.
  • My life improved noticeably when I bought a decent bicycle a few years ago and I cycle nearly everywhere.
  • Guinness is not my favourite drink (shock, horror!). I much prefer German beer. Good job I live in Germany.
  • One of my favourite books is about an Irish man solving a murder mystery in Cologne: "Lautlos" by Frank Schätzing.