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Building bridges across wor(l)ds

Intercultural communication

Developing awareness of intercultural commonalities and differences and the role they play in dealings with people from other cultures is key to working successfully with colleagues, clients, suppliers and other business contacts in an international context. As an intercultural trainer and lecturer in intercultural communication, I help individuals reflect on how to communicate, connect and work more easily with people with a different cultural background and to develop their intercultural competence.


Topics: Exploring intercultural communication, developing intercultural awareness and competence, improving multicultural teamwork, reducing transition stress, new in Germany, living in Germany, studying in Germany, making the most of studying abroad


Translation German > English, proofreading

I have almost two decades of experience in both translating texts from German in English and in proofreading texts by non-native speakers. I only take on specialist translations in areas I am familiar with or can become familiar with in a short period of time.


Main topics: Trends and developments in the Internet industry, Internet Exchanges, data centres, Internet policy, data protection and online security, non-governmental organisations and their work, education/university-related topics, European affairs, political studies and social science, urban geography, inter alia



Key teaching, training and academic qualifications

  • Trainerin & Coach für interkulturelle Kompetenzen, artop Institut, Berlin (2008/2009)
  • M.A. in European Studies from the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany (2003)
  • B.A. Intl. (hons.) in German and Linguistics from the University College Dublin, Ireland (2000)
  • TEFL qualification (teaching of English as a foreign language) (1999)


Teaching/training highlights

  •  Supporting international business students in developing their intercultural competence with a focus on multicultural teamwork in my seminar “Connecting Across Cultures” at the University of Cologne (adjunct lecturer since 2015)
  • Advising project managers of a Europe-wide auditing project on culturally-appropriate communication and dealing with culturally-influenced issues.
  • Exploring issues in the intercultural workplace for scientists in internationally-staffed laboratories in Vienna
  • Supporting individuals in the transition to working and living in a new country
  • Giving a series of highly interactive workshops on intercultural topics and on how culture affects how we learn for my then colleagues at one of the Centers for International Relations of the University of Cologne
  • Working with lecturers and research fellows from the University of Bonn on Academic English, specifically preparing articles for publication and preparing presentations at conferences
  • Proofreading coaching with doctoral candidates from various West African countries working on papers on Agricultural Economics to be published as part of a research stay at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) of the University of Bonn
  • Offering a teacher training workshop in the Ukraine for English teachers on how to teach pupils about the European Union
  • Running a simulation about the European Union in Macedonia for students from all over the Balkans

Random facts

  • I look like a stereotypical Irish woman, but only around 10% of Irish people actually have red hair.
  • My Irish is embarassingly rusty- don't ask me to teach you Irish! English is very much my first language.
  • My life improved noticeably when I bought a decent bicycle a few years ago and I cycle nearly everywhere.
  • My two Irish-German kids are growing up bilingually and our family constantly switches between German and English.
  • Guinness is not my favourite drink (shock, horror!). I much prefer German beer. Good job I live in Germany.
  • One of my favourite books is about an Irish man solving a murder mystery in Cologne: "Lautlos" by Frank Schätzing.
  • I've climbed the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain-  2964 metres above sea level. Someday I'll climb Carrauntoohil (1038m) with my kids.